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A1 Discos Ltd. - Marquee Discos, Helpful Hints for Marquees

A1 Discos Ltd. are experienced in providing Wedding Discos and DJs in marquees of all shapes and sizes, and in virtually any location. There are a few extra considerations with marquees (which don't apply to most "indoor" functions). Including these in your event checklist will help to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day.

If you are hiring the services of a professional marquee company, we will happily liaise directly with your contact there, with regard to our requirements, to save you having to get involved with technicalities.


Power will either be provided from adjacent or nearby buildings, alternatively (and more often than not) from a standalone generator.

Most events will require power for the caterers, bar, entertainment, marquee lighting (chandeliers, uplighters, etc). Often there will be some outside lighting, toilets, electric starters for heaters, etc.

To power the mobile disco (sound and lighting) equipment, the generator must have Automatic Voltage Regulation (commonly known as AVR). A generator designed for event usage will typically have AVR and be silenced or super-silenced as opposed to a generator intended for construction site usage that will be very noisy, won't have AVR and therefore won't be suitable to power our sensitive high-tech sound and lighting equipment.

For most marquee discos, where power is from a generator, we ask for two 13amp metalclad sockets, either on one 32amp feed or two separate 16amp feeds. It is important these sockets are available solely for the use of the disco, and not run off splitter boxes, as the latter could result in the disco having insufficient power and circuits tripping during your event, leaving your party very quiet and dark! Many of our DJs now use LED lighting with minimal power draw, so we can operate off a single 13a outlet if power is limited - just ask when booking.


When designing your marquee, providing openings at points close to where services (caterers, entertainment, etc) are to set up, will greatly assist in the smooth running of your event.


Unless you have wooden flooring throughout, the mobile disco will normally be set up on coconut matting behind or to one side of the temporary dancefloor. When positioning a temporary dancefloor, please allow sufficient depth (minimum 4ft) between the outer edge of the dancefloor and the wall of the marquee. This is normally where your DJ will work.


This is the one many people overlook and the one that causes the greatest inconvenience to guests struggling to find and use the toilets in the early hours of the morning! Always ensure there is some freestanding halogen lighting (shining away from the marquee) and that toilets, etc. are lit.

Outside lighting will also be required by the caterers and entertainment at the end of the night, so they can safely pack away and load their vehicles.


If your function is being held between late autumn and spring, ensure you have portable heating facilities, as marquees can become cold and damp later on in the evening, even on warm days.