Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) - updated 14/06/21

Customers are asking us about the effect of Coronavirus on their functions and events. We have outlined A1 Discos Ltd. position below and will update this when there are further developments.

(1) If your function is not going ahead on the planned date, you need to cancel your booking by sending us a signed letter. The letter needs to be signed by the named signatory shown on your Booking Agreement. You may take a legible photograph of your signed instructions using a smartphone and email the photograph to us. Alternatively you may scan & email your letter, post it to us or fax it to 01491 871777.

(2) Unfortunately our systems cannot postpone or move your existing booking number to a different date. Instead we need you to cancel your existing booking (as above) then we can then book a new date for you and give you a new booking number for the new date.

(2.1a) (Updated 14/06/21) For function dates up to 18/07/21, we can quote for your function to provide music for a Bride & Groom's First Dance, followed by low level background music. In accordance with Government Guidance, dancing is not permitted.

(2.1b) (Updated 14/06/21) For function dates from 19/07/21 onwards, we are taking 'normal' full disco bookings, however Government guidance applicable on the date of the function will apply, as will the provisions of our Coronavirus Statement.

(2.2) If you already have a confirmed replacement date for your function, we shall raise this on our system as an enquiry and contact you in due course.

(2.3) If you don't yet have a confirmed replacement date for your function, please get in touch with us when you are ready.

(3) In light of the latest UK Government directions and as a gesture of goodwill to our customers, when you make a like for like booking for your replacement date, we shall adjust the price of your new booking, taking into account the value of the booking fee you lost on your cancelled function, to ensure you are not out of pocket. Pricing may vary when seeking a quote for a different day of the week for a function, and/or between traditionally 'busy' and 'quiet' months.

(3.1) This offer applies at the point of making a replacement booking. Customers who cancel and do not make a replacement booking are not entitled to a refund of booking fee, as this is in respect of our costs and work up to the point of issuing your original Booking Agreement.

(3.2) (applies to function dates within the next 30 days) We are not enforcing balance payments due on functions being cancelled with greater than 48 hours notice (from receipt of signed instructions to scheduled DJ arrival time).

(3.3) If you have already paid your balance or are paying instalments, these will be promptly refunded direct to your bank account upon receipt of your signed cancellation instructions.

(3.4) The above is applicable to cancellation instructions received from 11.00am 17/03/20 and does not apply retrospectively to cancellation instructions received prior to this point in time.

(4) A booking will only be considered cancelled once we are in receipt of signed cancellation instructions. You should ensure you receive a Cancellation Advice Note from A1 Discos Ltd. to confirm your instructions have been actioned.

(5) If you have started to compile an online requests list and intend to cancel your booking, we recommend you submit the online requests list first. Doing this will email you a PDF of what was on your list so far. This may be useful when you subsequently book another function with us, in helping you compile your new list.

(6) If your function is going ahead and your venue cancel your booking and you find an alternative venue for the same date, we can issue an amended booking agreement showing the new details. Provided the timings remain unchanged, we would not charge any extra for doing this.

(7) To the best of our knowledge, all our DJs are currently fit & healthy and none are self isolating.

(8) In the event of your allocated DJ becoming sick, we are responsible to allocate another A1 Discos Ltd. DJ to your booking.