Frequently asked questions

How much do you charge?

Our charges are based on the date, times, duration and location of your function. We donít operate a fixed fee or an hourly rate, as almost every function is different. If you are looking for the cheapest price, we won't be the right company for you, however you may be pleasantly surprised how affordable our quote is. The security and peace of mind from booking with an established company as opposed to a "one man band" DJ who may not turn up on the day is worth a few extra pounds.

What music do you play?

We carry a huge music library to every function - after booking with us, you will be given a login to start compiling your music requests. You can request any tracks by any artists - if it is available as a single on Itunes in the UK, we can obtain it, if we havenít already got it. Most importantly, we play the music YOU want to hear, as opposed to what a DJ thinks you should be forced to listen to!

Will you be the DJ at our function?

Yes. When you book with A1 Discos Ltd, it will always be an A1 Discos Ltd DJ that plays at your function. We never pass your booking onto someone else. See the team on 'Our DJs' tab (above).

What equipment will you bring and what will it look like?

The price quoted includes effects lighting and sound system, suitable for the number of guests you have indicated. Put simply, we will come with the correct equipment to do a great job! Have a look at "Our DJs" tab to see photos of typical equipment setups.

What kind of lighting do you use?

We have a selection of coloured lighting effects to create a party ambience at your venue. A smoke or haze machine used sensibly can dramatically enhance the lighting effect on the dancefloor, and is available upon request when booking at no extra charge, however please check in advance that your venue allows the use of a smoke/haze machine. Have a look at "Our DJs" tab to see photos of typical lighting effects in action.

Can you provide a bubble machine?

No. Our insurance company does not allow the use of bubble machines, as they can leave a slippery residue on the floor, increasing the risk of an accident. Also, if the bubble fluid comes into contact with leather clothing, it may leave permanent staining.

Can I choose my DJ from the profiles online?

If you like a particular DJ's profile, feel free to ask if he/she is available on your chosen date and covers your area. Because we cover a large geographical area, not all DJs work in all locations. Also, some DJs will already be working on a given date. It is best to discuss with us the style of DJ you are looking for and we will ensure we match the right DJ to your function.

Do you confirm in writing?

Yes, we issue a contract showing all the details about your function, which is signed by both parties.

How can I be sure you won't let me down?

We have DJs on standby in case of sickness, etc. You can call at any time on 01491 871666 or 0800 801228 and speak to a real person - we don't use voicemail. Your DJ will call the office on arrival and in the rare event of a DJ being delayed, due to circumstances beyond our control, we would call you or your venue to keep you updated.

How far away is the DJ coming from?

Normally your DJ will live within half an hour of your party, however where a particular DJ is requested, they may travel further.

How long do you need to set up, and how much space do you require?

For most functions we will allow an hour for setting up, and an area approx. 3m x 2m is ideal. For larger functions more time (and space) may be required.

Does it make any difference to the cost if my party is upstairs?

We ask if the party is on the ground floor, first floor, etc. to ensure the DJ knows where he/she is going to be set up. A DJ will often allow longer to set up if itís upstairs. However please be assured we do not charge extra for going upstairs!

What will the DJ wear?

Our dress code is either smart casual, shirt & tie or black tie upon request. Please indicate your preference when making your booking.

Do you do Children's Parties?

Yes, we have a number of DJs who are experienced in childrenís discos, however we do ask for parental supervision.

Have you got Public Liability Insurance?

We hold £10m Public Liability Insurance cover, a copy of our current certificate is included with your booking paperwork. Our cover is renewed every 20th June, with the new certificate typically available on request from early June.

Is your equipment PAT tested?

Electrical equipment is Portable Appliance (PAT) tested annually in accordance with the Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment (4th Edition) to achieve compliance with the statutory Health & Safety Executive, Electricity at Work Act 1989. A copy of the appliance test certificate is available on request.

One of our guests is a professional DJ. Can he/she play a set at our function?

No, only our DJ is permitted to play on the equipment we provide.

We are also having live entertainment - can they connect to your sound system?

Possibly for a soloist or duo, but not for a full live band. Please call us to discuss in detail.

How do I pay?

Customers without an approved account facility - once you have accepted our quote verbally or by email, a non-refundable booking fee will be required to hold our services for your date. This is payable by credit card, debit card, or online banking (BACS). Once your booking fee is paid, you are committed to the services reserved for your date. Your booking fee will be deducted from the final invoice balance. Customers with an approved account facility may pay by BACS, credit card, debit card, online banking or cheque, within the payment terms granted.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation within seven days of the function - full amount payable. Cancellation greater than seven days but less than one month prior to the function - 30% of the balance payable. Cancellation one month or more prior to the function - no further monies payable. If you cancel having opted to pay greater than the value of the non refundable booking fee, a refund cheque will be issued upon receipt of your signed cancellation instructions for the difference between the amount you paid and the value of the non refundable booking fee. A booking will only be considered cancelled once we are in receipt of your signed cancellation instructions.

Will you take photographs at my function?

Your DJ may take photographs for the website, however if you would prefer us not to do so, please inform us in advance or ask the DJ on the evening to refrain from using a camera. If you see your picture on the site and would like the photo/s to be removed, we will do so promptly on request. DJs are under strict instruction not to include children in any photographs.

Can I speak to my DJ before the function?

Of course - we encourage this and will gladly arrange a conference call to introduce you to your DJ. You can discuss any aspects of your function on the call.