A1 Discos Ltd. - Our ISO9001 Quality Award

Following an assessment by an independent body, A1 Discos Limited have been awarded ISO 9001 Certification. This prestigious award for quality is supported by the Government and recognised world-wide.

The award recognises the Company's commitment to an exceptional quality of service. With only around 3% of UK businesses holding this certificate, A1 Discos Limited are now at the forefront of quality service and customer care.

Said a delighted Tony Mitchell, founder and co-Director, “We have always been proud of the service we offer our clients. Now with the award of ISO 9001, this has been confirmed by outside experts who are used to judging service on a daily basis across a wide variety of trades and industries.”

QMS International plc, who undertook the assessment, paid particular tribute to “the investment in people and training that enables A1 Discos Limited to provide an efficient service to their customers.”

8th September 2003